LFView Resources - Scene

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The LF View API and all associated Python client libraries are in pre-release. They are subject to change at any time, and backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.


This library exists to define scene resources in the LF View API. Resources include Slides, Annotations, and Feedback as well as all the building blocks to fully define a 3D scene.


This library simply includes declarative definitions of scene resources. It is built on properties to provide type-checking, validation, documentation, and serialization. Very likely, these scene resources will be used in conjunction with the LF View API Python client.


You may install this library using pip with

pip install lfview-resources-scene

or from Github

git clone https://github.com/seequent/lfview-resources-scene.git
cd lfview-resources-scene
pip install -e .

You may also just install the LF View API Python client with

pip install lfview-api-client

After installing, you may access these resources with

from lfview.resources import scene

slide = scene.Slide(...)